Well, technically I have a few things to ask you....again.

Ten questions to be exact.
But, most are super short.
A few take only a click. It doesn't get quicker than a click.
A few require you to think for a few seconds and type for a minute or so.
But...the whole process takes less time than it takes you to run at top speed to the bathroom and back while the teacher next door stands between the two rooms and bops her head back and forth as she watches 40+ kids because only if you are a teacher do you need to seek backup to do what those cubicle-working folks take for granted.

You'll be helping me create some new content for you and all the fabulous, hard-working teachers like you that best meets your needs.
Plus, I'm giving away Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards to three individuals who complete the questions by midnight on 4/2/19.
Here's the link to the questions: http://bit.ly/questionsforteachers2
Thanks in advance! Have a great start to your school week :) Jodi

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