If I had an actual building, I would have invited you to visit today....perhaps even sent you a fancy flyer in the mail.

There would be lots of balloons greeting you.

They would be bright and colorful and filled with helium so they could dance in the breeze and convey the giddiness I am feeling.

There would be pony rides for the kids.

Music would be playing.

There would not be a clown though because clowns are scary.

Of course there would be cake. Probably a large sheet cake because those feed a lot of people and are easy to serve and I am a very practical person.

And after much mirth and merriment, I would excitedly declare, "I need someone to hand me a pair of scissors."

A hush would fall over the crowd.

A drumroll would be heard.

Alas, as a culmination of much anticipation, I would cut the ribbon and proudly announce the GRAND OPENING OF STARTS WITH A STORY!

But an email announcement is cool too, right?

Seriously though, Starts with a Story is a project that I am incredibly proud of. Here's why:

  • It has been a few years in the making.
  • It is the result of a need I had for my own children so it was designed with love and passion and as part of a mission to provide them with quality learning experience that were much more engaging than bubbling in circles to prove comprehension and annotating close reading passages..
  • It offers teachers like you the ability to easily use actual authentic literature to integrate teaching reading skills and strategies, grammar, writing, word work, listening and speaking skills, and social emotional learning lessons.
A few months ago we did a launch for founding members so we could get feedback and make sure everything was ready for you. 

The feedback has been wonderful and we are so excited to officially open the doors and welcome you in!

I encourage you to visit the site and look around.

While you are there, I welcome you to take advantage of our OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING OFFER (WITH ALL 5 BONUSES)

For the next 48 hours only...

SAVE 40% OFF the ANNUAL or the LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS and also get all of the following:
Go to www.StartsWithAStory.com and Use Code: GRANDOPENING at checkout.

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