This engaging literacy unit has students read different gingerbread books and then write their own version of the story.  It includes a thorough teaching guide, tips for gathering books, a resource tracker, book title suggestions, scavenger hunt templates, story maps, classroom chart / display, Venn diagrams, and a writing prompt with templates. This unit is perfect for the month of December!

The month of December is a tricky one in the classroom. The students often have “sugar plums dancing in their heads” and their excitement for the upcoming holidays creates lots of energy. Because the December holidays are a religious event for many, it is not uncommon for some families, or even an entire school district, to request that specific holidays not be mentioned in the classroom. 

  • This product gives students the opportunity to practice going through the full writing process with support and guidance from the teacher.
  • It offers students a format to practice story telling.
  • It facilities fun learning experiences for students in the month of December.
  • It is differentiated so all of your students will feel successful.
  • If your school district uses formal curriculum programs with fidelity, it gives students a break from the similar structured resources.

  • It will channel all of that holiday energy in a positive and effective way. 
  • It is fun and festive, but it is not tied to a specific holiday.
  • Students will be working productively on important reading and writing skills.

  • This product is packed with resources so it will simplify your planning and prep.
  • It will make your students excited and engaged while still learning. 
  • It is differentiated so all of your students will be able to access it.

First, start by gathering a collection of picture books that include a variety of different versions of The Gingerbread Man. After reading each version,  invite your students to participate in a thoughtful dialogue and complete one of the many graphic organizers (story maps, Venn diagrams, etc.) offered in this resource. After having exposed students to many different versions of the text, students will go through the full writing process to create their own version of The Gingerbread Man.

Check out these testimonials from teachers who've used it in their classrooms...

Incredible product! Your store will be one of my go-tos for all future unit supplements! Thanks for your time and talent! 
- Sarah K.

My students loved these activities! This set provided a great outlet for their pre-Christmas excitement! Thanks! 
- Gail Z.

I was so excited to find this unit!  I have been teaching with fairy tales and trying to figure out when I can fit in Christmas.  This is a perfect blend. 
- Buyer

I moved to third grade this year and I LOVE all things Jodi!!! 
- Rebecca Phillips

This was great. My students loved it!
- Diana L.

You can read more great feedback from teachers just like you here!

  • Teaching Guide
  • Tips for Gathering Books / Resource Tracker
  • Suggested Book Titles
  • Scavenger Hunt/ Clue Templates
  • Story Maps
  • Classroom Chart / Display
  • Venn Diagrams
  • Writing Prompt

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