Why is an organized classroom important? Does it impact my ability to teach or my students’ ability to learn?  I am here to tell you that there are tons of benefits of having an organized clutter-free classroom and YES it does impact your students’ learning.  Here’s the thing… Some teachers are perceived as hoarders, but often times it’s not their fault.  We are often required to house decades old curriculum and teaching resources in our classrooms even though there is a thick coating of dust on them and zero expectation to be using them.  Yet, we still need to keep them stored in our classrooms.  On top of that, some teachers have been teaching 20+ years and have collected so much stuff.  Or a retired teacher leaves everything to a new teacher, who then has decades of materials that are both a blessing and a curse.  No matter where you are in your teaching journey, it’s likely that you have quite a bit of decluttering to do. This clutter isn’t good for you and it’s definitely not good for your kids.  Read below to learn more about why it’s important to declutter and purge your classroom.

If you need some motivation to clean out and declutter your classroom, this inspiration-filled Clutter-Free Classroom blog post could be exactly what you need! It offers 10 reasons to declutter and organize your classroom. Stop the feeling of being overwhelmed and take action today by reading this post! #clutterfreeclassroom #organization #decluttering

This blog post will…
  • suggest ten reasons why you should declutter your classroom
  • explain the impact decluttering would have on your life inside and outside of school
  • empower you to take back your classroom and improve your life

10 Reasons to Declutter
  1. Decluttering saves you time: As classroom teachers, we know how valuable our time is.  By decluttering your classroom, you will no longer waste time looking for your daily lesson plans, printables, or professional paperwork.  You’ll maximize your students’ learning time, never miss a deadline again, and perhaps even be able to leave right after school.  What’s better than that?
  2. Decluttering saves you money: You won’t have to repurchase things like books, letter tiles, or math manipulatives you misplace because they got lost in the clutter of your classroom.  This will save you so much money over time!  Going through the process of decluttering even helps you find missing items that you have already lost or have forgotten that you ever owned.
  3. Decluttering could make you money: If you have duplicates of items or have items that you no longer use, you can sell them on a local online yard sale site, eBay, or Craigslist. Get extra cash in your hand and get rid of stuff you don’t need.  Declutter and make money - That’s a win-win!
  4. Decluttering helps others: If you have gently used items that you no longer need, consider donating them to a local charity.  You’ll lessen the burden you feel from a classroom filled with stuff and warm the hearts of people in your community.
  5. Decluttering decreases stress and anxiety: This could be the most important reason why you need to declutter.  When you are constantly surrounded by an overwhelming amount of stuff, it can make you feel stressed and anxious, resulting in teacher burnout.  By decluttering your space, you will feel much happier, refreshed, and more free. Not only is decluttering good for the soul and in improving your mood, it’s also good for your mental health and overall health.  Decluttering when you are feeling overwhelmed is actually an effective strategy to help you destress.  By decluttering your workspace, you are also decluttering your mind and life.
  6. Decluttering cleans the air around you: Think about when the last time you went through your classroom closets, cabinets, and drawers.  Better yet, when was the last time you personally cleaned them?  If it’s been more than six months, these areas of your classroom are likely covered in dust and other allergens.  These dust and allergen particles get in the air, which you and your students breathe in every day.  Declutter your space and give it a deep clean to help you and your students have a healthier school year.
  7. Decluttering makes cleaning easier: When you have less items to clean or pick up, it drastically decreases the amount of time you spend cleaning.  Think about what you would do with this extra time you gain.  Would you be able to leave school on time or at least a little earlier?  Would you be able to spend more time with your friends and family?  That’s the best part… You get to choose how you spend that extra time!
  8. Decluttering gives you more space: After decluttering everything - school and office supplies, paperwork, storage, your office space, email - EVERYTHING - You will find that you have so much more space!  Your classroom will feel brighter, bigger, and better! Additionally, your kids will be able to move around the room more easily, which could possibly reduce off-task behaviors.
  9. Decluttering helps you and your students focus better: You can declutter completely without guilt - getting rid of everything you don’t need - because you’ll know that it’s making you a more effective teacher and better able to serve your students.  Decluttering your classroom not only helps you and your students better focus during the school day, but also empowers you to model good habits for your students.  In addition, your students will be motivated to be more active members in the classroom, taking on more responsibility and being more self-sufficient.
  10. Decluttering improves your relationships: By decluttering, organizing, and simplifying, your school administrators, colleagues, and students’ parents will no longer see a frazzled, stressed out, and underperforming teacher.  Instead, they will see a confident, organized, and effective teacher.  Decluttering improves your relationships outside of school as well.  With you feeling less overwhelmed and stressed out, your friends and family will notice a huge difference as well!

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There are so many benefits of decluttering your classroom.  This blog post will motivate you and other elementary teachers to purge your things and make a big change.  Capture some inspiration so you can start your journey towards a clutter-free classroom today! #classroomorganization #clutterfreeclassroom #declutter

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