Admit it Teachers...You Show Favoritism in Your Classroom

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​Hey Friends,
Let's all be honest for a minute.
As teachers, we are not supposed to play favorites.

We should never let on that perhaps we like some more than we like others.

Heck, there might even be a few that we don't really like at all.

But, just like Dixon Ticonderogas are far superior to all other pencils and colorful labels reading "Crayola" will get picked over the sad little sticks of wax known as RoseArt crayons every single time, it is OK to have more love in your teacher heart for one than another.

So, given the choice...

Do you prefer teaching math or reading?


Surely you didn't think I was suggesting you might enjoy one of your students slightly more or less than the others. Come on. You know me better than that.

But, it is absolutely normal to favor reading over math or math over reading or perhaps you truly do love them as equals.

It doesn't matter either way.
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(29% off the annual option using code: LEAPDAY2020)

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